Nippon Pulse Air Mattress prevents the formation of bedsores in those long term bedridden patients.
It helps early detection and early treatment of bedsores in order to reduce the nursing manpower and care payment.

  •    Double layer of air cells
    • Self-developed double layer air cells structure which is more secure than the traditional single air cells. It helps to prevent the body and the mattress friction and it can disperse body pressure effectively.
  •    Slow rebound memory foam layer 
    • The mattress inset a layer of slow rebound memory foam which is used for fix the air cells and make the mattress more soft and comfortable in order to keep a good sleeping quality.
  •    Removable cover
    • Waterproof mattress cover with zipper design which enhance the cleaning and exchanging process.
  •     Sit up function
    • The user can choice "Booster mode" when the user need to look up the upper body.

    • the pressure button can be pressed in order to prevent excessive pressure in hip.

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