Checkme is an innovative multi-functional health monitor in one compact and portable monitoring device.

Checkme takes accurate measurements of various health parameters and analysis them with professional accuracy, all these functions make Checkme Health Monitor become perfect for you and your family.

  •   Daily Check
    • No cable required.
    • ECG, SpO2, are measured simultaneously.
    • All measurements can be reviewed and tracked locally on Checkme Health Monitor
  •   ECG Recorder
    • No cable required.
    • Multiple modes to check ECG.
    • Heart health condition analysis.
    • 20s of full disclosure ECG waveforms can be replayed.
    • Professional ECG measurement with external electrode.
  •    Oximeter
    • Built-in SpO2 sensor, no cable required.
    • Professional SpO2 measurement with external SpO2 sensor.

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