B-free technology limited develops an innovative electric wheelchair with an inventor which enables the disabled to conquer the barrier to access to places which is hard to get to such as stairs.

The invention was honored in the first release at Inno Design Tech Expo held by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council in December 2011.

We hope that the electric wheelchair helps disabled to become independent and help them to break through all obstacles and live in a real barrier-free world. 


The Advertages:

  •   Low Production Costs

The present invention only uses two main engines and two sets of gear motors, both practical and inexpensive.

  •   Smaller and Smarter

360 degree rotation extendable pedrail are hidden in both sides of wheelchair to make it looks like a normal electric wheelchair. It won’t look strange and will not draw people’s attention.

  •   Easy to Operate

The Lever on the right hand side operates the wheelchair forward and backward direction easily. Because of the operation with dual engines, it allows the wheelchair to turn 360 degrees whenever and wherever it needs. The lever on the left hand side can control the pedrails, it can rotate 360 degrees and be operated efficiently.

  •  Easy boarding and alighting

Seats are able to be adjusted automatically or manually. The passenger can adjust to suitable position as desired when he/she maneuvers and makes boarding and alighting a lot easier.

  •  Enhance visibility

The extendable pedrail could be used to lift up the wheelchair so that the chair is adjusted to an adult height which can enhance visibility.

  •  Outdoor Activities

The disabled who has lost their ability to walk should be able to enjoy outdoor activities as much as we do.
The present invention, with innovated pedrail design is enabling the disadvantaged to take control of their wheelchair to encounter rugged countryside and enjoy their outdoor experience and be happy.





































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